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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Apple Picking in the Hudson Valley

Can you think of anything more New York than apples? We made a last minute decision to go to an orchard this afternoon and we were glad we did. We went to Wilklow Orchards in Highland for the first time and what spectacular scenery and tasty apples (and donuts! and cider! and corn!) We're going to be eating apples for a month but we had a great time (for the most part... scroll down to see Catrina's meltdown)

I'm very surprised Catrina got this close to a witch.
The girls will regret these choices in a few years:

Brynne's favorite attraction of the day:

Fun on the farm:

We're only smiling now because we didn't realize we had to walk up that beautiful mountain behind us (Catrina looks like she might have an inkling):


Nice Photo Ops:

And here's the meltdown... the grass was "tickly" and she was "sweaty":

One with Nature:

Meltdown over... let's eat!

Stay tuned for our upcoming trip to the pumpkin patch!

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