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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Gades!

Well, since the Yankees have decided to end their season early, we're stepping down to single A for entertainment. Last night was IBM Family Fun Night with the Hudson Valley Renegades. I assured the girls that this would be more fun than the Yankee games since it was more kid friendly. They had a playground area (that cost money... we were so disappointed) and a general admission area where the kids could run around. The girls were also lucky enough to meet the team mascots (Rascal and Rene) AND get their autographs on the free baseballs they received. We had great seats and hung out with our good friends.... who were suffering from starvation and pretzel withdrawal when we spoke to them. I'm hoping that after we left that they received the nourishment they were so desperate to receive. (in other words, the concession lines were really long so they weren't willing to wait for their free pretzel and hot dog).

Catrina declared that she would eat her hot dog WITH the bun... "just like Bwynnie".

Hanging with the Mascots:

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