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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yankee Game.... Again! Yanks v. Rays

I didn't think a baseball game could be any more boring than the one we witnessed against the Padres last month but I stand corrected! This one ended with the same score (same results... go Yankees) but we had to sit through 10 innings in 90+ degree heat.... But on a brighter note, it was "Support the Stache" Day at the Stadium where we were given free moustaches to wear in support of Jason Giambi being voted to the All-Star game. We wore them well.

Our seats were pretty high up so we definitely needed these:

Nothing like a dog at the stadium:

Or you can substitute cotton candy:Thanks to all 4 grandparents who were in attendance. This was the last trip for all of them and the girls to Yankee stadium as next year they will have their new stadium. Andy and I will be seeing one more game. I've been going to games since I was the girls' age so it meant so much to be able to share the same experiences I had growing up.

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LeRoy O'Neill said...

It was a fun day at the Big Park in the Bronx. Marnie just made it to the subway before passing out. She made the nicest gesture I ever saw her make. A family was swipping through the turnstile just before us, it was a mob scene, and they came up short one fare. Well Marnie, being the magnanimous person she is, payed for the last child through. Actually she didn't want to wait to straighten out that mess and be held up even more. It was a very nice day overall. I'm sure the girls will remember this the rest of their lives.
Paw Paw