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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day 2008!

5 great years as daddy to two princesses!

Today we went up to Kingston for a nice dinner since Andy decided to leave the cooking to the professionals (good call). We went to Golden Ginza... our favorite Japanese restaurant. They always treat us so nicely and the girls enjoy the hibachi show. Catrina covered her eyes (but I caught her peeking) when the chef set the fire on the hibachi. Parenting tip 101: If your kid won't eat, buy chopsticks! They love the kiddie chopsticks and eat food they wouldn't normally touch (Brynne ate half of my shrimp!)

I'm getting ahead though... we started our adventure with a trip to "Poet's Walk Park". (thanks Melissa for the recommendation!). It was really hot though and Catrina had fallen asleep so Andy was carrying her around so we didn't stay long. We plan on going back sometime. Brynne saw tons of butterflies!

Ummm... did I mention it was really hot?

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Carrie said...

Do I see some curl in there or what?? Cutie pie ...